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These mini candles are the perfect size for all your spiritual needs. They are 4" tall and 1/2" in diameter, burn time is approximately 2 hours. Each candle comes with a color chart with the magickal intentions attributed to each color.

Black: Absorbs & destroys negative energy, banishing, protection

Blue: Tranquility, healing, patience, meditation, represents the element of water

Blue, Light: Protection of home, healing, meditation, reduse stress

Brown: Energy for animals, peace in the home, represents the element of earth

Green: Money, fertility, prosperity, growth, luck, healing, represents the element of earth

Green, Apple: Emotional healing, protection

Gray: Neutralitly, glamouries, protection

Lavender: Intuition, spiritual shield, calming nerves & children

Orange: Adaptability, attraction, luck, success

Pink: Love, honor, harmony friendship

Purple: Power, healing severe diseases, spirituality, wisdom, 

Red: Strength, lust, passion, love, represents the element of fire

White: Purification, peace, truth, protection, symbolizes the moon

Yellow: Communication, intellect, confidence, solar energy, represents the element of air

Candles, mini

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